George Mewes Cheese

Ok, straight up here, a confession. I am not a big cheese lover, however Mrs Grumpy is a cheese fiend. On her recommendation and given that a lot of the major restaurants I have visited in the past serve cheese sourced from George Mewes to their respected customers, I knew that it would only be a pleasure and a delight to visit George Mewes establishment and have a chat to them. About what I hear you ask. Well, cheese of course.

When I say delight, that’s not exactly what I mean because the first thing that you notice when you enter the shop is cheese, an overwhelming smell of cheese. I know that’s what you expect entering a cheese shop, but like I said I am not a big cheese fan. I can be a bit cheesy sometimes, but still not a fan.

IMG_0244I spoke to a very helpful member of staff in the shop and she said that after a few minutes in the place you don’t notice the smell. I think she was right, it did seem to fade. She certainly knew a lot about cheese and offered me a sample a few times whilst I was there. I am sure she is yet another food champion however she seemed a bit camera-shy, maybe one day I will take her photo and proclaim her a food champion of cheese.

As you would expect from this shop, they sell all you might need or want to go with your cheese,  including knives, cheese boards, jams, chutney, oatcakes and a fine range of German artisan breads.IMG_0241One of the very first things you notice in the shop, after the smell of cheese, is how very seriously their approach to hygiene is, and that their commitment to the customer is of paramount importance to them, nothing seems to be a bother.

Like I said I am not big on cheese, however, I do know quality and service when I come across it and George Mewes  shop just oozes it in spades.

Mrs Grumpy tell me that she has no particular favourite cheese from this shop – they are simply all wonderful as she bounced around the room like Tigger with an enormous amount of joy. Cheese can do funny things to some people.


George Mewes is to be food at 106 Byres Road Glasgow.

So does George Mewes Cheese deserve to be GOSH NOSHED, your dead right it does. So here he is Mr Gosh Nosh himslf.Version 3

Consider yourself GOSH NOSHED George Mewes and staff.


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