Lunch for two at Chaakoo

Mrs Grumpy said are we eating lunch out tomorrow, meaning, I want to eat out tommorrow. Ok, I said. Where do you want to go? I don’t know, we could go to Chaakoo, the Indian place on St Vincent Street, but if you’re not happy with that we could go somewhere else, you decide. She said. I thought about it, not about another restaurant you understand; I knew what she really meant was I want to go to Chaakoo. Mr Grumpy is very wise, so for an easy life we went to Chaakoo.

So we trundled up to Chaakoo on a quiet Tuesday lunch time and were duly shown to a cosy booth and presented with the menus. We were given a carafe of water and a couple of glasses, one which had someone else’s lipstick on it, however it was soon changed without a fuss – it always seems to happen to Mrs Grumpy. We didn’t want to order any other drinks and studied the menus for a short time.

We decide to share from the Grill and Curry option. Our order consisted of Tulsi Chicken Tikka, Or Shakahari, Dhansak, Rogan Josh and some rice.


We have both eaten in Chaakoo before and new what to expect, small dishes of food nicely plated up and extremely tasty. Today was no exception, although I did notice that the Rogan Josh had changed since my last visit. I asked our our very helpful waiter, Gareth, if the recipe had changed or the chef had changed. The chef had indeed changed. I knew something was different. Not bad, just different.

Was I happy with my meal? Of course I was.

Was Mrs Grumpy happy with her meal? Of course. I had obviously made the right choice of where to eat all by myself!

Would I go back there again, dead right I will.

Does it deserve to be Gosh Noshed, I am not sure. Let me know what you think.


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