Carluccio’s Coffee

Carluccio’s is a small step up from the average Italian eatery, and with its recently launched new seasonal menu there are now some new interesting things to try. Some old favourite’s remain which do allow you to see that prices are on the rise.

However, this post is about their coffee. They offer two styles, Napoli and Milano. My favourite being Milano, sweet refined and smooth made from pure Arabica beans.

The price for a Milano Latte has recently increased yet again and is now £2.60 for my caffeine fix, which I think is rather steep for a coffee. Maybe I’m a skinflint, maybe I’m not.


Now for the grumpy bit. I have used this place as a coffee stop for a while now when I am in town. Around 4 weeks ago the coffee did not taste the same. I asked if the coffee had been changed and the answer I got back was no, the coffee was the same and they were still using full fat milk in my coffee. I found it bitter and not at all smooth and refined. I put it down to lazy taste buds on that occasion. I have since had coffee twice more there with the same conversation and the same answers. The coffee that was once my favourite has become the last place in town I will go for a coffee.

Again, at £2.60 a cup, I know my wallet is being mugged. However, I never expected my taste buds to get mugged as well.

There is no point in asking if I will go back. The answer is a resounding no, sadly.

Grumpy, very grumpy.

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