Chaiwallah West End

I decided to have a coffee here today after passing it by a few times thinking it only sold tea. After all a Chaiwallah is a person who make or sells tea, or both.


The owners and the people I met working here are very friendly indeed. They try their very best to make you welcome and at home. However, I was here for a coffee and so to the business of coffee. I am really fussy about my coffee as you know and don’t like it messed about with. So as a benchmark of other establishments Mrs Grumpy and I ordered Lattes, full fat milk of course, which was not a problem in this establishment who seemed to cater for most milk connoisseurs like myself. IMG_0366

It was a cup of coffee – neither good nor bad, really.  However, it did have one drawback, which I shall mention later.

I like the idea of an old public toilet being put back into serviceable use and the decor inside reflecting bygone times in Glasgow. The decor is eclectic and quirky and has a certain amount of humour and whimsy to it.

Needless to say they sell tea and coffee amongst other goodies.




Back to the coffee; if your intention is to spend a penny in this establishment be very wary. This is the most expensive coffee I have bought from a coffee shop ever, because at £2.75 for a latte I could feel the pennies in my pocket flushing away.

This is a new venture and I think it is still finding its feet and I wish them lots of luck.


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