It was a dull, dismal and very wet Saturday afternoon in Glasgow city centre. On the streets you could see the remains of ticker tape from the revellers who had taken part in the now annual Glasgow Pride parade. In the near distance I could hear that the rain had not influenced the ardour of the party goers and indeed for them the festivities were still ongoing. Some of the damp revellers, still in fine voice, passed Mrs Grumpy and me  by as we entered Halloumi. I was hoping for some Greek sunshine inside to transport me away from this horrid afternoon in Glasgow even if it was for just a short time.

IMG_0614The menu was typical of a Greek Taverna anywhere in Greece, however I do remember that the prices in Rhodes when I last visited there were considerably lower than this.

Being Mezes, Mrs Grumpy and I were sharing and ordered five dishes. The Houmous, Melitzanosalata, Grilled Halloumi, Keftedes, Stiffado and the warmed crusty bread loaf.

The bread loaf arrived first and I was shocked, it was more a roll than a loaf. This is the second review I have written were a restaurant calls a roll a loaf. I suppose you can charge more when it’s called a loaf. How did it taste? Well pretty average actually. I thought it had been heated in the microwave and asked the wait person, she said “I don’t know, I am not in the kitchen”, and she went and checked. Her answer was no, it was cooked in the oven. I expect waiting staff to know about the food they are serving me, or am I being unreasonable? The price for this roll disguised as a loaf was £3.95, I was well and truly mugged by  a roll in Halloumi.


Soon after the food started arriving, not in any particular order. But it made no difference as it all looked very nice. I was now getting grumpy though, why I hear you ask? The house music playing over the sound system, in my view too loudly, was feeling a bit more Greek nightclub than a local Taverna. Now I am not saying they should be playing Nana Mouskouri, just that whatever they play is not so loud as to compete with the conversation at the table.


The Stiffado and the Keftedes were rather tasty and we both enjoyed them very much. As to the Halloumi Mrs Grumpy enjoyed that more than I did, but as some of you will already know I am not a big cheese fan. Both of us on the other hand were rather disappointed with both the Houmous and the Melitzanosalata, having both made much better at home ourselves to be honest. With the exception of the loud music the atmosphere in Halloumi was pleasant enough. Although I would not want to eat there when it was busy with the loud music possibly even louder.


Did I feel the Greek sunshine? No. Is bread expensive in Greece? Yes. Have they forgotten about Nana Mouskouri? Yes. So would I go back? No.

I am now saving up my money to buy a loaf in the next place that calls a roll a loaf and charges me for the privilege.

We left the Greek nightclub behind and entered dull, damp and dismal Glasgow city centre again. The Glasgow pride revellers were no longer in fine voice as they trudged through the wet streets, and the once celebratory ticker tape turning to mush on the city streets under their feet.

Just another wet Saturday afternoon in Glasgow.


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