I am Glasgow’s Grumpy Gourmet. I am not always grumpy, only when I am served food that has not been loved and cherished by the people who make it or source it. When I am presented with a poor choice of wines and drinks and then charged an outrageous amount for them, that makes me grumpy too. Also, when I am at the receiving end of service that falls below par.

I honestly don’t think that I am expecting too much. After all, restaurants and food suppliers are in the business of supplying good food and wine. I expect them to have a fair amount of knowledge about their product, and understand that it should be served with grace, courtesy and a smile. After all, they are taking our hard earned cash from us; so it’s not much to ask in return.

Food and drink is always on my radar – new styles, new approaches and new venues. I believe that good food does not have to be an expensive fine dining experience; a greasy spoon can serve wondrous plain fayre. There is a place for everyone.

I also cook a lot at home and am always on the look out for great suppliers of fish, meat, veg and  bread at a reasonable price. In this blog I will champion suppliers based on the quality of the product, their knowledge, and their approach to service.

I will attempt to highlight,  if I can find them, a food and service champion each month.

I really am beginning to sound very grumpy now. Honestly, I am not really that grumpy, as you will find out.

Version 3

Meet Mr Gosh Nosh, he is a character who is clearly at one with himself  and the world of food and drink, usually because he has been fed well. He will appear from time to time on this blog. This will only happen when he thinks that he and his food have been treated with respect and that his wallet has not been mugged. Let’s hope we see him a lot on here.

Enough chat. Let’s gets on with the food. Grumpy.