Gosh Noshed?

This food and drink blog will differ from other blogs you may have read about Glasgow food. It’s sole focus will be about my love of food, and the food and drink scene in the Glasgow area. It will not waffle on about my lifestyle, my dog, which incidentally I don’t have, or this week’s photos about my life and the diets I am now trying. I enjoy my food and wine too much to be talking about diets. I mean, why follow a food blog if your thinking about what not to eat and drink? It is my intention to leave my calling card behind when I visit somewhere, be that a restaurant a food supplier, or just chatting to someone I think is a food champion.

So below you will find my calling card.

Hopefully sometime in the very near future restaurants and suppliers will proudly display the fact that they have been Gosh Noshed. Grumpy.

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